A photo of Edward Haight, a co-founding chief advisor and president of Haights Farm Trading on FarmConnect an Agritech Startup Philippines

Edward Haight

Co-founding Chief Advisor and President of Haights Farm Trading

Family of third generation of century old Farmers in Atok, Benguet, whose great-grandfather, Franklyn Guy Haight, first came to the Philippines as a civil engineer to build the scenic and iconic zigzag road of Kennon Road. His quest led him to Paoay, Atok where he discovered a fertile plateau on a very high elevation and decided to import high value crop seeds from the United States of America and also introduced scientific highland farming to the indigenous people followed by highland crop agriculture industry advancement, and Benguet became known as the "Salad cradle of the Philippines" making him as the Father of Philippine Highland Agriculture. Currently, a local public servant and serving various key positions in Farmers Associations and Fair Trading campaign efforts.

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