Construct Climate Resilience: Fog Catcher Program Offers Hands-On Climate Tech Experience

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Climate Tech: Fog Catcher & Water Harvesting Program on FarmConnect . Agritech Startup Philippines

Optimize your team by coming together to construct FarmConnect’s Fog Catcher and Water Harvesting system, which supports environmental stewardship and climate resilient farming communities, using a simple Lego-like building process. This team-building activity promotes collaboration, communication, and allows for the completion of a valuable resource for farming communities within a 5-6 hour time frame. No special skills are required, making it a safe and inclusive team building opportunity that has a positive impact. 

Addressing HR challenges in measuring impact for CSR activities in many ways. Want to learn more how to get involved?

Learn more how to support your Sustainability Programs that  we can provide you verifiable data forwards Carbon Neutrality through Carbon Offsetting Activities and receive supplemental Annual ESG Report

If we can’t get water from the ground, we look to the sky.

Let's Harvest Hope, One Drop at a Time.

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