This Innovative Fog Catcher Helps
Benguet Farmers Combat Water Scarcity

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📆 April 09, 2024 

In the midst of the ongoing El Niño phenomenon and increasing vegetable imports from ASEAN countries, Haights Farm, a pioneer in modern highland farming techniques, is taking a proactive approach to address the challenges faced by local farmers. In collaboration with tech entrepreneurs and sustainability experts, the farm was chosen to pilot the Fog Catcher and Water Harvesting Project, an innovative solution to support the local crop agriculture industry.

“Water scarcity and rationed water supply are the top reasons why we can’t sustain proper irrigation for our crops, combat harvest wastage from night frosts, and even simply support local tourism. All of us farmers here in Benguet need to make ends meet, balancing the cost of water delivery and the low trading prices of our harvest from parallel imports. We also thought of putting up a school here, but it’s the water supply that’s slowing us down from moving on with the plan,” said Edward Haight, Atok’s Municipal Counselor or Sangguniang Bayan (SB) Member, President of Haights Farm, and Chief Advisor to an Agtech Startup. “The Fog Catcher and Water Harvesting Project offers a glimmer of hope for the high-value crop agriculture heritage and tourism here in Atok, and soon, also to other farms in Benguet.”

The project’s unique approach is innovation engineering with a “LEGO-like” building process of Fog Catcher and user-centric construction features within a five-hour team-building activity from the employees or teams from the private sector. The project aims to involve non-agricultural industries in fostering sustainable farming communities and supporting grassroots solutions to current social and environmental issues. Miguel Mercado, the Project Lead of an Agtech Startup, is spearheading the campaign in strategic partnerships to upend water scarcity problems and the struggle for environmental justice. “Let us be more responsible citizens and help our government drive sustainable and clean water sources, environmental stewardship (ecotourism), and creating climate-resilient farming communities.”

Haights Farm, also known as Sakura Park, is a historical park and farmland located in Atok, Benguet. It stands at an elevation of 7,400 feet above sea level and is renowned as a modern highland farming technique hub. The farm serves as the epicenter of the ‘salad cradle’ of the Philippines and is the birthplace of generations of farmers, direct descendants of Franklin Guy Haight, the Father of Philippine Highland Vegetables.

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